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ICC Formulations
  • Power Spray Cleaners
  • Immersion Cleaner
  • Ultrasonic Cleaners
  • Solvent Cleaners
Cleaning Applications
  • In-Line Spray Washers
  • Conveyor/Belt Washers
  • Enclosed Cabinet Washers
  • Immersion Washers
  • Ultrasonic Washers
  • Soak-Tank Cleaning
  • Dunker-Type Equipment Steam Cleaning
  • Equipment Wand-Type Manual Sprayers
  • High-Pressure Cleaning Equipment
  • Manual Wiping Operations

Spray and Immersion Cleaning

International Chemical Company has remained at the vanguard of industrial cleaners and cleaning compounds since our founding in 1906. We are proud to manufacture high quality alkaline and acidic spray and immersion cleaners for the metalworking and metal finishing industries. At ICC, we fully understand that a fundamental step in the manufacturing process is the efficient and effective removal of all soils, metalworking coolants and metal-forming lubricants from the surfaces of manufactured components. Ranging from all-purpose caustic and alkaline cleaners as well as powerful degreasing compounds to specialized descaling fluids and aqueous and ultrasonic cleaners, it is our responsibility to recommend consistently reliable and economical industrial cleaning products which will contribute to the efficiency of your operations. We work with our customers to fully evaluate all operations, review all potential solutions and arrive at the ideal cleaning solutions. We promise to deliver the absolute best manufacturer's chemicals and customer service found anywhere in the industry.

Power Spray Cleaning Operations: ICC's spray cleaners are engineered to be powerful, efficient and economical descaling and degreasing compounds. They are specially formulated to effectively remove straight oils, soluble oils, metalworking fluids, metal-forming lubricants, carbon scale, heavy soils and dirt, as well as tramp oils and greases from ferrous and non-ferrous metals and associated alloys. Our power spray alkaline and acidic cleaners form extremely stable solutions and are compatible with hard and soft water sources. All industrial spray cleaners are formulated to deliver superior detergency while providing temporary, in-process rust protection and low-foaming characteristics. Most industrial alkaline spray cleaners manufactured by ICC are engineered to operate effectively within an extremely wide temperature range.

Immersion Cleaning Operations: The alkaline immersion cleaners formulated by ICC are extremely powerful, very efficient and economical. Formulated with advanced technology detergent additives, these industrial descaling and degreasing compounds successfully remove carbon scale, heavily-accumulated soils, metalworking and metal-forming fluids and coolants, straight and soluble oils, tramp oils and heavy greases from the contaminated surfaces of ferrous and non-ferrous metal components. ICC's alkaline immersion cleaners are engineered for use in traditional immersion washers, dunker-type cleaning equipment and soak tanks. Formulated with powerful wetting, loosening and dispersing properties for highly effective soil removal, ICC's immersion cleaners operate at lower temperatures and reduced exposure times, which increases the rate of production while helping to lower overall operations costs. All industrial descaling and degreasing immersion cleaners form extremely stable detergent solutions whether they are used with soft or hard water. They are inhibited to provide effective in-process rust protection and prevent scale formation.

Ultrasonic Cleaning Operations: Ultrasonic cleaners manufactured by ICC are formulated to be formidable, highly efficient and very economical. By design, ultrasonic washers generate cavitation throughout the solution by emitting ultrasound waves, helping to loosen soils without the use of high pressure spray nozzles. This type of equipment is often utilized for the cleaning of delicate and small components that are cleaned while held in specially-designed wire mesh containers or baskets. ICC's alkaline ultrasonic cleaners are formulated specifically for this form of operation with advanced-technology detergency additives engineered to remove straight oils, soluble oils, metal-forming lubricants, metalworking fluids and coolants, buffing and polishing compounds, calcium soaps, waxes, tramp oils, greases, metallic smut, dirt and other heavy soils from the surfaces of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Comprised of potent wetting, loosening and dispersing properties for the effective removal of soils at low operating temperatures and reduced exposure times, they allow for increased rates of production while lowering operating costs. ICC's ultrasonic cleaners form highly detergent and stable solutions whether used with hard or soft water. They are also inhibited to provide in-process rust protection and prevent scale formation.

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