International Chemical Company


International Chemical Company has been operating, updating and expanding the same laboratory facilities since we moved from our original location (located in Camden, New Jersey) to our present manufacturing accommodations and corporate headquarters in North Philadelphia way back in 1909—at the time of the building's completion. In the spring of 2013, and under the close supervision of our newly-hired Technical Director, ICC began yet another overhaul of the laboratory facilities with the purchase of technologically-advanced formulating and testing equipment.

ICC operates a full-service laboratory that performs ongoing research, development and rigorous testing of advanced drawing and stamping oils and lubricants, machining and grinding coolants, vibratory and burnishing fluids, spray and immersion cleaners, as well as rust inhibitors and preventatives.

Before and during the manufacturing process, our technical staff follows a stringent quality control protocol related to incoming raw materials, tests and retains batch samples of all our manufacturer's chemicals and engages in meticulous performance testing of all sorts—on behalf of our customers and for our own edification.

Our Technical Director is available for questions, clarifications and discussions related to any topic you wish to explore.

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