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Machining and Grinding Coolants

An expertly developed, custom-formulated metalworking fluid, manufactured by a specialty chemical company with unparalleled expertise, is the only way to assure the best performance of any metalworking operation. Demands for higher manufacturing output—in ever-narrowing timeframes—continue to increase within every sector of industry. Matching these demands is the need for manufacturer's chemicals including superior metal cutting and metalworking fluids formulated specifically to conquer these many challenges. Since 1906, ICC has been researching, developing and perfecting metalworking lubricants and metal cutting oils that meet and exceed the demanding requirements of manufacturers...and their customers.

Synthetic Coolants: Formulations that contain no mineral oil or petroleum byproducts are rapidly gaining in popularity among manufacturers of all sorts. In many cases, synthetic metalworking fluids and grinding coolants are able to outperform their straight and water-soluble oil coolant counterparts in today's modern machining and grinding operations. At ICC, we engineer our synthetic coolants for machining and grinding with components that are non-toxic, non-hazardous, clean and low foaming, highly stable, economical and environmentally responsible. For more than thirty years, we have invested in a tremendous amount of research and development of synthetic, metalworking lubricants and grinding coolants. Because of the studious, ongoing efforts of our Technical Staff, and under the guidance of our family leadership, ICC's valued customers receive the ultimate in advanced synthetic metalworking fluids.

Semi-Synthetic Coolants: In some machining and grinding operations, a little mineral oil can go a long way. Over the years, semi-synthetic machining and grinding coolants have compiled an inconsistent service record and earned a reputation for performing well, but just not well enough. However, with the advent of new synthetic fluid technology, ICC is proud to manufacture the finest semi-synthetic machining and grinding coolants in the industry. By combining small percentages of premium, hydro-treated, naphthenic oils with robust surfactants and detergents, ICC's semi-synthetic cutting fluids, CNC machine coolants, thread cutting oils, as well as turning and thread cutting coolants are formulated to provide enhanced lubricity, particularly in heavy-duty to severe tapping operations and those incorporating specific grades of aluminum.

Straight Oils: Advances in chemistry, metallurgy and engineering continue to positively impact metal manufacturing (e.g. the increased usage of lightweight alloys and composite materials). The need for straight oil machining and grinding coolants is receding--gradually. But there are still many types of severe and extreme operations where only straight oil metal cutting fluids and metalworking lubricants will do. When working with metals such as titanium, magnesium, nickel alloys, as well as carbon and stainless steel in difficult and intricate manufacturing applications, ICC's straight oil milling, turning, tapping, thread cutting and grinding coolants will certainly exceed the most demanding requirements. Formulated with low viscosities, straight oils provide excellent lubricating and wetting properties for both the work pieces and tooling.

Soluble Oils: Among the most commonly used metalworking fluids, water soluble oil coolants are eminently capable of performing well within a variety of cutting, CNC machining and grinding operations. All of our water soluble oils are formulated to be compatible with hard water, thereby forming exceptionally strong and stable emulsions. ICC places a fervent emphasis on the incorporation of highly advanced technology in our water soluble oil coolants. By combining select bio-resistant components along with powerful extreme pressure additives and unique emulsion packages, we are able to formulate water soluble oil coolants that are stronger, cleaner, longer lasting, more efficient and vastly more economical than any water soluble oils available today.

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