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Spray & Immersion Cleaners

IC 2421-KP
  • Heavy-Duty Spray Cleaner
  • Boron-Free Formulation
  • Use with Ferrous and Aluminum
IC 3401-M2
  • Heavy-Duty Spray Cleaner
  • Multi-Metal Cleaner
  • Superior Corrosion Protection
IC 3485
  • Low-pH Alkaline Spray Cleaner
  • Boron-Free and Phosphate-Free
  • All-Metal Compatible
IC 2440-M
  • General-Purpose Spray Cleaner
  • Use with Ferrous and Aluminum
  • Excellent In-Process Rust Protection
IC 2421-LF
  • Heavy-Duty Spray Cleaner
  • Use with Ferrous and Aluminum
  • Low-Foaming Formulation
IC 2497
  • General-Purpose Spray Cleaner
  • All-Metal Compatibility
  • In-Process Corrosion Protection
IC 2458
  • Heavy-Duty Degreaser
  • All-Metal Compatibility
  • Outstanding Rust Protection
IC 3456
  • Extreme-Duty Spray Cleaner
  • Titanium and Exotic Alloys
  • Contains Phosphate
IC 3456-NPH
  • Extreme-Duty Spray Cleaner
  • Titanium and Exotic Alloys
  • Phosphate-Free Formulation

Power Spray Cleaners

International Chemical Company is extremely proud of our well-earned legacy of producing powerful, economical and efficient manufacturer's chemicals, including our line of industrial cleaners and cleaning products. ICC was founded in 1906. At the beginning, ICC focused almost exclusively on metal cleaners and their derivatives. Now, over 100 years—and four generations of family—later, we remain at the vanguard of industrial power spray, alkaline metal cleaning chemical technology. ICC's power spray aqueous degreasing and descaling compounds are formulated to remove heavy soils, carbon scale, surface corrosion, metalworking fluids and coolants, straight and soluble oils, metal-forming lubricants, tramp oils and greases.

Featured Boron-Free Power Spray Cleaner

  • IC 2421-KP is a boron-free, concentrated liquid cleaner that is engineered for removing cutting fluids, oily solids and forming lubricants in power spray cleaning equipment. It is extremely low-foaming and solutions provide effective rust and corrosion protection for ferrous metals. It is safe for use with aluminum and will not leave powdery, white films on processed components. It is a boron-free alternative to 2421-LF and has earned approvals from General Motors and the Ford Motor Company.

Featured Multi-Metal Cleaner with Superior Rust Protection

  • IC 3401-M2 is a concentrated, low-foaming and mildly alkaline liquid cleaner that possesses superior corrosion inhibiting properties. It is formulated to be compatible with cast iron, carbon steel, stainless steel, powdered metals and nickel alloys. Effective within a wide temperature range, solutions are non-scaling and contain no chelating agents, solvents, silicates, or phosphates. It may also be used in vibratory and mass finishing operations where corrosion protection is of paramount importance.

Featured Near-Neutral Spray Cleaner for Multi-Metal Operations

  • IC 3485 is a boron-free, phosphate-free, concentrated liquid cleaner that is engineered for power-spray parts-washing applications of multi-metal operations. It is formulated with a low-alkaline pH; is non-staining to aluminum, copper, bronze, and brass alloys; and provides in-process corrosion protection for ferrous metals.

Featured Ferrous and Aluminum Power Spray Cleaners

  • IC 2440-M is a non-silicated, nitrite- and nitrate-free, low-foaming, concentrated alkaline liquid spray cleaner engineered to effectively remove metalworking fluids and coolants, straight and soluble oil metal-forming lubricants, soils, metallic smut, oils and greases from metal components utilizing power spray equipment. It is non-scaling and compatible with hard and soft water. IC 2440-M is formulated with antifoaming agents for low-foaming performance at ambient and elevated temperatures. It is non-etching to sensitive alloys and is safe for use on aluminum and all ferrous metals. Stable solutions deposit a thin, unobjectionable film which offers excellent in-process rust protection.
  • IC 2421-LF is an inhibited, concentrated, extremely low-foaming liquid alkaline cleaner engineered to remove straight and soluble oils, metal-forming lubricants and metalworking fluids and coolants, as well as tramp oil, oily soils and metallic smut in aqueous power spray washer systems. It is an extremely low-foaming degreasing compound that is compatible with ferrous metals and is safe for use on aluminum. Stable solutions provide effective in-process rust protection for cleaned, processed parts. IC 2421-LF is non-scaling, compatible with hard water, non-staining to sensitive metals and floats oily soils to the surface of the bath for easy skimming and disposal. It is formulated with specific inhibitors to prevent the formation of white and powdery residual films on un-rinsed parts.

Featured All-Metal Power Spray Cleaners

  • IC 2497 is a non-staining, all-metal, alkaline liquid spray cleaner that is engineered to effectively remove residual cutting fluids, oily soils and metal-forming lubricants from the surfaces of manufactured components. It is formulated to be compatible with a wide variety of metals including all ferrous alloys, aluminum, copper, brass, bronze, and zinc. It will not form hard scale on cleaning equipment and is inherently stable over a wide temperature range. When parts are left unrinsed, residual films provide good in-process corrosion protection for ferrous and nonferrous metals.
  • IC 2458 is an extremely powerful, highly alkaline and concentrated liquid industrial cleaner engineered to effectively remove all greases, coolants, lubricants, oils and other heavy and extreme soils from the surfaces of ferrous and non-ferrous alloys in both power spray and immersion equipment. IC 2458 is the ideal alkaline spray cleaner for remanufacturing heavily soiled components. It is formulated with powerful antifoaming agents and superior detergents and may be implemented effectively at ambient and elevated temperatures. The residual film on un-rinsed parts is thin and inconspicuous, providing in-process rust protection.

Extreme Degreasing of Titanium and Exotic Alloys

  • IC 3456 is a highly concentrated and highly alkaline liquid cleaner that is formulated specifically to be ideal for use with titanium and Inconel, in addition to carbon steel, stainless steel, and cast iron. The balanced surfactant package promotes extended bath life and extremely clean equipment. It is effective within a very wide temperature range (ambient to 200ºF) in both spray and immersion applications.

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  • IC 3456-NPH is a phosphate-free version of IC 3456. It is engineered specifically to satisfy phosphate-discharge requirements as enumerated by local regulators and the EPA. Despite this change to the formula, it remains a highly concentrated cleaner that is ideal for use with titanium, Inconel, and other exotic alloys, as well as remaining effective within the same wide temperature range.

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IC 2440-M
Power Spray Alkaline Cleaner 

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