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Specialty & Custom

  • Free-Rinsing Formulations
  • Non-Flammable
  • Non-Corrosive
  • Industrial Floor Care
  • Use in Factory Floor Scrubbers
  • Soak Tank and Immersion Cleaning
  • General Purpose Formulations
  • Industrial Strength and Performance
  • Stainless Steel Passivation
  • Wide Temperature Range
  • Eliminate Fungal Growth
  • Eliminate Biological Growth
  • Economical and Easy to Use
Formulated to Remove:
  • Metal-Forming Oils and Lubricants
  • Machining and Grinding Coolants
  • Vibratory and Burnishing Fluids
  • Sludge, Heavy Soils and Greases
  • Hydraulic, Gear and Tramp Oils
  • Heavy Wax and Varnish Build-Up
  • Heavy Rust and Surface Corrosion
  • Thick Carbon and Organic Coatings
  • Fungal and Biological Growth
  • Particulate Soils and Organics
  • Powder Coatings and Paints

Specialty Cleaners

International Chemical Company is extremely proud of our legacy of producing powerful, economical and efficient alkaline cleaners. When ICC was founded in 1906, we focused almost exclusively on metal cleaners and their derivatives. Now, over 100 years and three generations of family later, we remain at the chemical forefront of specialty alkaline cleaners. What follows is a sampling of available cleaner technology.

Featured Industrial Floor Cleaner and Hard Surface Cleaner

  • General Kleene is an industrial strength, extremely versatile and biodegradable general purpose liquid cleaning compound that is engineered for use in maintenance operations involving light- to medium-duty soil removal; a safer and less expensive alternative to certain "Green" and "Purple" cleaners on the market today. It may be implemented in cleaning operations utilizing all types of mechanized industrial equipment.

    Click here to download the flyer on General Kleene.

  • IC 2427-C is a citrus-scented liquid cleaner that is formulated to cut through difficult soils in most industrial environments, removing grease, oil, neat cutting fluids, lubricants, and dirt from floors and other hard surfaces. It is compatible with both hard and soft water and is especially well-suited for operations utilizing steam cleaning equipment. It also provides temporary, in-process rust and corrosion protection to cleaned ferrous surfaces.
  • Floor Cleaner Concentrate (FCC) is a concentrated liquid blend of synthetic detergents, wetting agents and emulsifiers that is engineered for use as an industrial hard surface cleaner and wax stripper. It is an economical general purpose concrete and floor cleaner and is safe for all surfaces. When used at low concentrations (1%-3%), FCC may be used as an all-purpose spray cleaner for machinery, tools, and other light-duty cleaning applications.

    Click here to download the flyer on ICC Hard Surface and Floor Cleaners

Featured Industrial Machine Cleaners

  • Get the Funk Out! (GTFO!) is a non-corrosive, non-silicated, low-foaming liquid alkaline detergent–formulated to contain strong emulsifying properties–that is engineered to remove sludge, oils, greases, metal fines, dirt, lubricant residues and coolant residues from the fluid side of machine tools and from the internal components of all recirculating fluid systems. It is free-rinsing, safe for use on all metals, and effectively eliminates fungal and bacterial growth.

    Click here to download the flyer for GTFO!

Featured Industrial Paint Strippers and Coating Removers

  • DR Stripper is an alkaline, powerful combination of specially-selected penetrating, emulsifying, and suspending agents that is formulated to remove carbon, grease, and varnish build-up from aluminum, cast iron, and carbon steel components. It is non-corrosive to aluminum, and is specially blended to be free of petroleum solvents and heavy metals. It is engineered to remove moderate to heavy carbon build-up typically found on turbochargers from diesel engines.
  • 654 HD is a unique, two-layered, acidic immersion paint stripper that is formulated to remove urethanes, epoxy, powder coatings, and difficult-to-remove coating systems from most surfaces. It does not contain hazardous ingredients such as phenol, creosol, chromate, cresylic acid, or methylene chloride, and is effective within a wide temperature range (ambient to 150ºF), though treatments at high temperatures decreases strip time.
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Featured Neutral-pH Rust and Coating Remover

  • IC 3491 is a liquid, neutral-pH coating remover that is specially formulated with high surfactant content and is engineered to remove coatings of rust, corrosion, weld smut, oils, lubricants, and tarnish from soft and ferrous metals. It is recommended for use in spray and immersion equipment manufactured from 300 series stainless steel, polyethylene, or polypropylene equipment, and may also be implemented in most corrosion-removal and brightening operations of aluminum, copper, and brass alloys.

Case Studies

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