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  • Industrial Defoamers and Anti-Foaming Agents
  • Biocide, Fungicide, and Antimicrobial Additives
  • Liquid Surfactants and Wetting Agents

Industrial Additives

International Chemical Company collaborates with our raw material suppliers in an effort to manufacture, blend and supply a comprehensive portfolio of high quality industrial additives engineered for chemical compatibility within our entire range of metalworking fluids and compounds. Our 100 years of experience have guided us to this simple list of industrial additives which suit almost every manufacturing need. For all industrial applications, ICC's wetting agents, surfactants, defoamers, biocides and fungicides are imminently capable of improving operations and solving problems.


  • Defoamer 102 is a 3-dimensional siloxane compound antifoaming agent that is formulated for use as a tank-side additive in aqueous industrial fluids such as cleaners, metalworking coolants, and wastewater systems. It is emulsified in water for optimum efficiency and is highly dispersable, providing initial foam suppression followed by long-term antifoaming persistence in treated fluids.
  • Defoamer H is a special blend of synthetic, non-silicone liquid polymers and hydrophobes that is particularly effective at suppressing and controlling foam that is found in cutting and grinding fluids, as well as alkaline cleaning baths. Treatment rates range from one to three ounces per 100 gallons of solution for persistent foam caused by high shear, pump cavitation and/or solution impingement due to high nozzle pressures.


  • GROTAN® is the trade name of a highly effective antimicrobial agent for tank-side use in destroying fungal and bacterial growth in metalworking fluids. It is effective versus both gram positive and gram negative bacteria. Treatments vary based on the severity of the contamination, but prolonged use is not recommended. For persistent microbiological activity, the machine must be dumped of the contaminated coolant, cleaned with an ICC machine cleaner, and recharged with an ICC metalworking fluid that is formulated to prevent fungal and bacterial growth. Frequent change-outs and effective process control are both necessary to maintain odor-free and bacteria-free coolant systems.
  • Get the Funk Out! represents the industry standard in machine cleaning and the total eradication of microbiological activity. Please click ICC Machine Cleaners for mroe information on how to Get the Funk Out!

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