International Chemical Company

Specialty & Custom

Custom-Engineered Formulations
  • Metal-Forming, Drawing, and Stamping Lubricants
  • Machining and Grinding Oils; Metalworking Coolants
  • Vibratory, Burnishing, and Mass Finishing Fluids
  • Spray, Immersion, Ultrasonic, and Specialty Cleaners
  • Rust and Corrosion Inhibitors and Preventatives

Custom Formulations

Throughout our history, ICC has been one of the most flexible and customer-centric specialty chemical companies in the industry. Due to the fact that manufacturing has evolved continuously since our founding in 1906, we have maintained a persistent focus on staying ahead of the game. We embraced synthetic technology decades ago. We are increasingly formulating manufacturer's chemicals that are environmentally conscious. Most importantly, we have always embraced the specific demands and performance requirements of our customers. On occasion, one of our current products may not fit the bill. With this in mind, it is the responsibility of our enthusiastic and knowledgeable technical team to custom-engineer a formulation that will fill all your needs: custom drawing oils and high speed stamping lubricants with superior cooling characteristics, custom machining and grinding coolants and metalworking fluids for precision operations, custom mass finishing, vibratory and burnishing compounds for intricate components, custom alkaline cleaners with specific levels of detergency or for compatibility with sensitive metals and equipment, and finally, custom rust inhibitors and preventatives meeting specific durations of corrosion protection.

Custom Drawing and Stamping Oils and Lubricants

  • Synthetic Drawing and Stamping Oils and Lubricants
  • Straight and Soluble Drawing and Stamping Oils and Lubricants
  • Non-Chlorinated Straight and Soluble Oils
  • Vanishing Oils and Evaporative Lubricants
  • Metal-Forming Pastes and Tube-Bending Gels

Custom Machining and Grinding Coolants

  • Synthetic Machining and Grinding Coolants
  • Semi-Synthetic Machining and Grinding Coolants
  • Straight and Soluble Oils and Coolants for Machining and Grinding

Custom Mass Finishing Fluids and Compounds

  • Vibratory Fluids for Mass Finishing
  • Burnishing Fluids and Compounds
  • Brightening Fluids and Compounds
  • Deburring Fluids and Compounds
  • Degreasing Fluids and Compounds for Mass Finishing
  • Descaling Fluids and Compounds for Mass Finishing

Custom Spray, Immersion, Ultrasonic and Solvent Cleaners

  • Industrial Power Spray Cleaners
  • Immersion and Ultrasonic Industrial Cleaners
  • Industrial Cleaning Solvents
  • Industrial Paint Strippers
  • Industrial Rust Removers
  • Industrial Hard Surface and Factory Floor Scrubber Cleaners

Custom Rust Inhibitors and Corrosion and Oxidation Protection

  • Synthetic Rust Inhibitors and Preventatives
  • Straight and Soluble Oil Rust Inhibitors and Preventatives
  • Evaporative Solvents for use as Rust Inhibitors and Preventatives

Metalworking Chemistry for All Operations