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Rust & Corrosion Protection

124 Series of Rust Preventatives
  • Water-Based and Water-Soluble
  • Barium-Free Corrosion Inhibitors
  • Ideal for Industrial Aqueous Systems
  • Perfect Hydrostatic Test Fluids
  • Dilutes Fully in Hard and Soft Water
  • Stable and Long-Lasting Solutions
  • Low-Foaming Formulations
  • Dry-to-the-Touch Residual Film
  • Protective Film Is Paintable
Anti-Rust 125
  • Ultra-Low Chloride Content
  • Water-Based and Water-Soluble
  • Boron-Free Formulation
  • Nitrite-Free and Biodegradable
  • Excellent Hydrostatic Test Fluid
  • Formulated for Hard Water
  • Low-Foaming at All Temperatures
  • Dry-to-the-Touch Residual Film
  • Protective Film Is Paintable
Anti-Rust 3401-M2
  • High-Performance Synthetic Preventative
  • Premium Water-Based and Water-Soluble
  • Superior Corrosion and Oxidation Protection
  • Low-Foaming and Non-Scaling Formulation
  • Mildly Alkaline; Excellent Aqueous Spray Cleaner
  • Compatible with Hard and Soft Water Sources
  • Effective at Ambient and High Temperatures
  • Contains No Silicates or Phosphates
  • Nitrite-Free and Nitrate-Free
International Anti-Spatter
  • Concentrated, Dual-Purpose Fluid
  • Welding Pretreatment and Rust Inhibitor
  • Imparts Synthetic, Protective Coating
  • Eliminates Grinding and Chiseling
  • Silicone-Free and Solvent-Free
  • Cleans and Protects Treated Areas
  • Provides In-Process Corrosion Protection
  • Easily Applied and Easily Removed
  • Safe, Economical, and Ready to Use

Synthetic Formulations

International Chemical Company has been thoroughly researching, developing and manufacturing advanced-technology synthetic rust inhibitors for corrosion and oxidation protection for more than thirty years. At ICC, we engineer our water-based and water-soluble synthetic rust preventatives with chemical components that are non-toxic, non-hazardous and environmentally responsible. Each synthetic rust inhibitor is formulated to be clean and very low-foaming, highly stable and extremely economical.

Featured Synthetic Rust Preventatives

The 124 Series of Rust Preventatives

The 124 Series of Rust Preventatives are formulated to impart a transparent, inconspicuous, and dry-to-the-touch film that will not interfere with subsequent operations like powder coating and wet painting. In addition, all of the 124 Series of water-based, water-soluble and barium-free rust inhibitors are also highly recommended for use as quality control inspection fluids in hydrostatic test baths.

  • Anti-Rust 124 is the original formula—an excellent all-purpose, synthetic rust preventative recommended for use in the final stage of power spray cleaning operations for medium-term and in-process rust protection of all ferrous metal parts. It is formulated for hard water and performs well at all temperatures.
  • Anti-Rust 124-C differs only slightly from the original formula. Through the incorporation of specific corrosion inhibitors in the formulation, this version provides a more broad metal compatibility. AR 124-C is safe for use with sensitive metals. It will not stain or discolor brass, bronze, or copper and its alloys.
  • Anti-Rust 124-M is formulated to be ideal for use in waterjet cutting operations. AR 124-M is blended specially with blue dye for certain applications, including its use as a high-pressure hydrostatic test fluid. It is blended with additional antifoaming additives for increased performance in applications utilizing a high-pressure water source with a propensity to foam and/or low operating temperatures. When used in the final stage of power-spray cleaning operations, residual films provide outstanding in-process and medium-term rust protection for ferrous metals.
Additional Synthetic Rust Preventatives
  • Anti-Rust 125 is a boron-free and ultra-low-chloride synthetic rust and corrosion preventative which readily mixes with water in all proportions to form transparent, stable and long-lasting solutions. It is engineered for applications that have low chloride level restrictions (<30 ppm). AR 125 is highly recommended for use in hydrostatic test baths and in the final stage of power spray cleaning operations, as well as in immersion and dunker applications to provide in-process rust protection for cast iron and steel parts. The thin, water-soluble residual film that remains after the water has evaporated is inconspicuous, transparent and paintable.
  • Anti-Rust 3401-M2 is a concentrated, low-foaming, water-based and water-soluble rust preventative and mildly alkaline liquid cleaner formulated for use as a spray rust inhibitor in most power spray washer systems. AR 3401-M2 is engineered for use with powdered metals, carbon steel, stainless steel, cast iron and nickel alloys. It removes metalworking fluids and particulate soils from manufactured parts and is well-suited for operations incorporating a single wash following various stages of the manufacturing process—un-rinsed components will provide effective in-process rust protection. It is non-chelated and contains no solvents, silicates, nitrates, nitrites, heavy metals or phosphates—a very environmentally responsible choice.
  • Anti-Spatter (Dual-Porpose Welding Pretreatment & Rust Preventative) is a silicone-free and solvent-free, synthetic liquid that is formulated to protect metal surfaces prior to welding, leaving behind a protective coating that prevents weld spatter while helping to maintain the cleanliness of weld tips and nozzles. It prevents the need for additional, post-weld operations like grinding and chiseling, and is easily removed in all aqueous cleaning equipment. If left unwashed or unrinsed, specific corrosion inhibiting additive technology provides effective in-process rust protection for treated areas.

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Anti-Rust 124
Water-Soluble Synthetic Rust Preventative

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