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Rust & Corrosion Protection

Anti-Rust 118-H
  • General-Purpose and Low-Viscosity
  • Displaces Water and Neutralizes Fingerprints
  • For Extended Periods of Indoor Storage
  • Approved by GM, Ford, CAT and Cummins
  • Humidity Cabinet (ASTM D1748): 48 Days
  • Salt Spray (ASTM B117): 36 Hours
Anti-Rust 99
  • High Performance Corrosion Inhibitor
  • Displaces Water and Neutralizes Fingerprints
  • For Acid-Fume and Salt-Spray Environments
  • Meets MIL Spec MIL C 16173 D Grade 3
  • Humidity Cabinet (ASTM D1748): >60 Days
  • Salt Spray (ASTM B117): 32 Hours
Anti-Rust 99-S
  • Highly Fortified Corrosion Inhibitor
  • Displaces Water and Neutralizes Fingerprints
  • For Controlled and Non-Controlled Environments
  • Deposits a Light and Oily Protective Film
  • Humidity Cabinet (ASTM D1748): >90 Days
  • Salt Spray (ASTM B117): 48 Hours
Anti-Rust 99-VCI
  • Specially-Blended Corrosion Inhibitor
  • Powerful Vapor Phase Inhibitor
  • Additional Protection While Parts Dry
  • For High Temperatures and High Humidity
  • Humidity Cabinet (ASTM D1748): >60 Days
  • Salt Spray (ASTM B117): 36 Hours
Anti-Rust 152
  • Barium-Free, Thin-Film Corrosion Inhibitor
  • Low-Odor, Slow-Evaporating Safety Solvent
  • Ideal for Packaged Ferrous Components
  • Low-Viscosity and Rapid Water Displacement
  • Humidity Cabinet (ASTM D1748): 48 Days
  • Salt Spray (ASTM B117): 24 Hours

Evaporative Solvents

International Chemical Company is at the technological vanguard of advanced, highly refined evaporative solvent chemistry formulated for high performance corrosion and oxidation protection. For those manufacturing operations requiring a rust inhibitor that "vanishes", so to speak, while providing the extended and efficient corrosion and oxidation performance expected in today's demanding manufacturing operations, ICC's evaporative solvents for rust inhibition and prevention are the solution you seek.

International Chemical Company manufactures premium evaporative solvents with low-viscosity, highly refined safety solvents and potent additives, resulting in rust inhibitors and preventatives that perform well within a variety of operations requiring corrosion and oxidation protection. Whether your timeframe is medium- to long-term indoor storage or transcontinental shipping requiring extreme salt spray performance, ICC's evaporative solvent-based rust inhibitors are sure to exceed your requirements.

Featured Evaporative Solvent Rust Preventatives

Anti-Rust 118-H is chemically engineered with a safety solvent which evaporates more slowly, offering increased levels of safety. The thin, residual film is dry-to-the-touch, offers in excess of 1,000 hours of ASTM humidity cabinet oxidation protection and in excess of one year of indoor storage corrosion protection. The dry-to-the-touch film displaces water and neutralizes fingerprints.

The 99 Series of Rust Preventatives is formulated with one purpose in mind: High Performance. Blending premium, highly refined and low-viscosity safety solvents with only the finest and best-performing inhibitor additives, results in rust preventatives that provide superior corrosion and oxidation protection versus conventional vanishing oils. Residual films are dry-to-the-touch, water-displacing, and fingerprint-neutralizing. All provide corrosion and oxidation protection during extended periods of indoor storage and medium- to long-term periods of outdoor storage (conditions permitting).

  • Anti-Rust 99 is the original formula; a high performance, solvent-based corrosion and oxidation preventative that provides more than 60 days of humidity cabinet performance and 32 hours of salt spray resistance. It deposits a dry-to-the-touch film on treated surfaces that is water-displacing, suppresses fingerprints, and prevents aluminum oxidation. AR 99 is formulated to meet Mil Spec MIL C 16173 D Grade 3.
  • Anti-Rust 99-S is a fortified version of the original formula for dramatically increased corrosion and oxidation protection performance. AR 99-S provides more than 2,160 hours (90 days) of humidity cabinet performance (100ºF & 100% humidity), and 48 hours of salt spray resistance (ASTM B117). Additional additive content results in a much more potent rust inhibitor, especially when/if treated parts are stored outdoors for extended periods of time.
  • Anti-Rust 99-VCI is a modified version of the original formula in that it is blended with a powerful vapor phase inhibitor, providing additional protection during periods of time when treated parts are drying following application. It offers increased performance in environments that regularly experience high temperatures and high humidity, preventing rapid drying of treated parts. Overall corrosion and oxidation protection durations are similar.

Anti-Rust 152 is a barium-free rust inhibitor, formulated to impart a thin, dry-to-the-touch film on cleaned metal components. The low-viscosity, low-odor safety solvent evaporates relatively slowly, helping to promote a much safer work environment. AR 152 rapidly displaces water and provides extended indoor corrosion and oxidation protection. It makes an ideal choice for packaged metal components.

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Anti-Rust 152
Barium-Free Solvent-Based Rust Preventative

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