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Drawing & Stamping Lubricants

Straight Oils
  • Heavily Chlorinated Base Oils
  • Exceptional, High Film Strength Lubricity
  • High Anti-Weld Properties
  • High Anti-Galling Properties
  • Corrosion Inhibitors and Anti-Wear Agents Protect Carbide Dies and Extend the Service Life of Tooling
  • Aids in the Manufacture of Complex and Intricate Metal Components
  • Easily Removed in Alkaline Detergent Baths
  • In-Process Rust Protection
Soluble Oils
  • Powerful EP Additives
  • Select Emulsifiers
  • High Film Strength Lubricity
  • Carbide Compatible
  • Maximize Tool Life
  • Promote Fine Finishes
  • In-Process Rust Protection
  • Very Economical

Chlorinated Straight Oils and Soluble Oils

Chlorinated Straight Oils: International Chemical Company manufactures a complete and highly versatile line of chlorinated straight oils engineered for use in heavy-duty metal-forming operations such as deep drawing, stamping and high-speed stamping. These straight oil metalworking lubricants are optimized for operations utilizing metals such as carbon and stainless steel, kovar metal and hard nickel alloys of steel. All straight oil metalworking lubricants are formulated with a low coefficient of friction to dissipate heat and to provide superior high film strength lubricity. Chlorinated straight oils are ideal industrial lubricants for moderate to severe operations requiring heavy-duty drawing and stamping oils and lubricants, lapping oils and roll-forming lubricants.

Featured Straight Drawing and Stamping Oils

The International 1211 Series of Chlorinated Straight Oils
  • IC 1211 is the original recipe. It is a versatile, highly chlorinated and viscous metal-forming lubricant engineered for drawing, stamping and turning operations. IC 1211 is both economical and highly effective. This straight oil lubricant is ideal for most moderate to severe metal-forming operations.
  • IC 1211-P is moderately viscous and engineered for moderate to severe perforating, punching and piercing operations in which a freer-flowing metalworking lubricant is required. It may be recirculated and applied via all conventional methods. This chlorinated straight oil lubricant is ideally suited for the manufacture of complex and intricate metal components.
  • IC 1211-X is highly viscous and highly chlorinated, a heavy-duty metal-forming lubricant that is engineered for use in severe drawing, stamping and other heavy-duty metal-forming operations. It is a highly chlorinated straight oil lubricant formulated specifically to provide a very low coefficient of friction, which is necessary for severe and extreme metal-forming operations.
Featured Specialty Chlorinated Straight Oils
  • IC 897-X is a sulfur-free, non-staining and viscous metal-forming lubricant that is engineered for extreme and severe operations utilizing stainless steel, titanium, high chrome steels, Kovar metal, hard nickel alloys of steel, copper, brass, aluminum, coated metals and Inconel. The unique combination of additives prevents viscosity breakdown and excessive heat-build-up on tooling and workpieces.
  • IC 3815 is an all-metal, sulfur free, extreme pressure, and highly fortified paraffinic/vegetable oil blend that is engineered for use in heavy-duty metal-forming applications which utilize metals such as carbon steel, silicon steel, stainless steel, and other ferrous and nonferrous alloys, alike. This special blend reduces smoking, increases lubricity, and offers an increased safety factor with a higher inherent flash point. It is formulated specifically with a low coefficient of friction, making it an ideal choice for severe piercing, blanking, perforating, forming, drawing, and stamping operations.

Chlorinated Soluble Oils: International Chemical Company manufactures a complete and highly-versatile line of soluble oils engineered for the most demanding of metal-forming operations. Soluble oils are water-soluble products, forming robust and stable emulsions when mixed with hard and soft water. They are formulated with powerful extreme pressure (EP) additives to provide maximum tool life and fine finishes. The resulting concentrates consist of base mineral oils, select emulsifiers and proprietary additives. Soluble oil metalworking lubricants are most commonly used for heavy-duty metal-forming operations where die life is the first priority but high film strength lubricity and in-process rust protection are also important. Because they are diluted, soluble oils provide good lubrication and heat transfer performance. Soluble oils also contain surfactants to assist with post manufacturing processes, such as aqueous cleaning.

Featured Water-Soluble Drawing and Stamping Oils

  • IC 222-P is a general-purpose and water-soluble metal-forming lubricant that is engineered for drawing and stamping operations utilizing metals like copper, copper alloys, brass, aluminum, stainless steel, carbon steel, and tin-plated steel. It is formulated with extreme pressure (EP) additives, high-grade fatty materials, and premium base oil, all chosen specifically for their high film strength. Constituents are added in order to provide superior emulsion stability.
  • IC 920-R is a very heavy-duty metal-forming lubricant. Its combination of special base oils, fatty materials and other select additives provide superior soluble oil performance and excellent emulsion stability. It is engineered for severe stamping, drawing, roll-forming and end-forming operations. IC 920-R is a very economical–and high performance–alternative to traditional straight oil lubricants. It makes an ideal soluble lubricant for high-speed stamping operations.
  • IC 1577-M is a moderately viscous, extremely heavy-duty, metal-forming lubricant engineered for severe and extreme drawing, stamping and blanking operations utilizing carbon steel, stainless steel and alloy steels, specifically. It is formulated with the most advanced extreme pressure (EP) additives, emulsifiers and additional polar ingredients in order to provide an elevated degree of high film strength lubricity. Usually implemented as received, IC 1577-M may be diluted with either a low-viscosity mineral oil or water for less severe metal-forming operations.
  • IC 2530 is an updated version of 1577-M, with advanced and highly chlorinated technology; a lubricant that is engineered for all metal-forming applications from light-duty to severe and extreme drawing, stamping, and blanking operations utilizing carbon steel, stainless steel and alloy steels. It is formulated with strong EP additives, emulsifiers, and robust polar ingredients, resulting in a very high degree of operational lubricity. Superior bio-resistance provides for long periods of clean operation. Unrinsed residues deliver in-process corrosion protection, and are easily removed in aqueous cleaning systems.

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International Compound 1211-X
Chlorinated Straight Oil Lubricant

International Compound 920-R
Water-Soluble Oil Lubricant

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