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Drawing & Stamping Lubricants

Metal-Forming Pastes
  • Select EP Additives
  • Select Emulsifiers
  • Select Rust Inhibitors
  • Superior Lubricating Properties
  • Corrosion and Rust Protection
Tube-Bending Gels
  • Full Synthetic
  • No Mineral Oil Content
  • Biodegradable
  • Sulfur-Free
  • Corrosion and Rust Protection
  • Recommended for Use with Ferrous Metals and Aluminum

Metal-Forming Pastes and Tube-Bending Gels

International Chemical Company is very proud to manufacture a comprehensive and extremely versatile portfolio of viscous, highly compounded, water-soluble metal-forming pastes and tube-bending gels engineered for use in most severe to extreme metal-forming operations utilizing most metals. These manufacturer's chemicals are specifically formulated to provide extreme levels of high film strength lubricity and in-process rust protection to both the work piece and tooling. Depending on your needs and the particulars of your operations, you will find what you need with one of our water-soluble metal-forming pastes or synthetic tube-bending lubricants and gels.

Featured Metal-Forming Pastes and Tube-Bending Gels

The International 1500 Series of Metal-Forming Pastes and Gels
  • IC 1540-P is an extremely viscous and mineral oil-based, highly compounded soft paste engineered for use in the most extreme swaging, drawing and other heavy-duty forming operations. It is formulated to be compatible with carbon steel, stainless steel, nickel alloys, titanium and zirconium alloys. IC 1540-P is generally used as received for extreme metal-forming operations, though it may be diluted with water or an approved mineral oil for less severe operations.
  • IC 1540-S is a viscous, highly compounded, mineral oil-based and water-soluble metal-forming paste that is engineered for use in most heavy-duty drawing and forming operations. It is specially formulated with a select combination of extreme polarity (EP) additives, powerful emulsifiers and effective inhibitors providing in-process rust protection. In most applications, IC 1540-S is implemented as received, but for less severe operations, it may be diluted with water or approved mineral oils. If IC 1540-S is used in an emulsion, frequent stirring is recommended in order to maintain the desired viscosity.
  • IC 1576 is a soft, pourable, thixotropic* metal-forming gel engineered for bending and drawing operations utilizing ferrous metals and aluminum. It is a fully synthetic, biodegradable, sulfur-free and non-chlorinated metalworking lubricant. Dilutions are extremely stable in hard water, low foaming at all concentrations and may be sprayed or re-circulated at the dies. *Thixotropic: the property of certain compounds that are highly viscous under normal conditions, but become less viscous (thinner) under duress.
Additional Metal-Forming Pastes and Gels
  • IC 36 is a heavy-duty metal-forming paste engineered for use in difficult operations utilizing carbon steel and stainless steel. It is formulated with a robust combination of specially-selected pigments, high film strength fats and oils, extreme pressure (EP) additives and emulsifiers—an extremely economical choice.
  • LUBE 4 is a soft, water-based, non-chlorinated, metal- forming paste composed of a special blend of natural fats, animal waxes, petroleum oils and suitable emulsifiers. It is diluted with water for drawing, stamping and metal-forming operations utilizing iron, steel, brass, copper and aluminum. Lube 4 is economical and its high film strength lubricity promotes excellent die and tool life.

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IC 1540-P
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