International Chemical Company

Free Samples

It is the policy of International Chemical Company to provide free samples of all recommended formulations in order to comprehensively test their effectiveness and performance in real world applications. Laboratory test results are one thing, but there is no real way to determine whether or not ICC's manufacturer's chemicals will suit your particular needs until thorough on-site testing is complete. Please contact our corporate offices or your local ICC representative to request one or more free samples of International Chemical Company's manufacturer's chemicals.

Free samples are available in the following sizes:

  • Pint Container
  • Quart Container
  • 1-Gallon Container
  • 5-Gallon Pail
  • 15-Gallon Pail (1/4 Drum)
  • 30-Gallon Drum (1/2 Drum)
  • 55-Gallon Drum (Full Drum)
  • 275-Gallon Liqui-Bin (Transparent Poly-Tote)

Free samples are available for the following product lines:

  • Metal-Forming, Drawing and Stamping Oils and Lubricants
  • Metalworking, Machining and Grinding Coolants
  • Vibratory, Burnishing and Finishing Fluids and Compounds
  • Industrial Spray, Immersion, Ultrasonic and Solvent Cleaners
  • Rust Inhibitors and Corrosion and Oxidation Protection
  • Custom and Miscellaneous Manufacturer's Chemicals and Formulations

Metalworking Chemistry for All Operations