International Chemical Company

Ordering, Shipping and Logistics

Contacting International Chemical Company for superior customer service harkens back to the days when an actual human being answered the phone. Since our founding in 1906, we have employed team members to personally answer our phones. We have never plugged in a machine to direct incoming calls. Questions, concerns and requests may be addressed immediately, without being asked to "listen carefully, because our menu options have changed."

Personal care is what we do...and we do it better than anyone.


When placing an order for any of ICC's manufacturer's chemicals, you have three options: make a phone call, hit "send" on an email or transmit a fax. Your order will be reviewed and processed immediately.

In many cases, we are able to process orders within 72 hours of receipt, but most orders ship within 5-7 business days after receiving a purchase order. Depending on the destination, you may expect to see your products on the receiving dock as early as 7-10 business days following the submission of a purchase order.

Emergencies are our specialty. In the event you are running low on any of our manufacturer's chemicals, we will rush an order to you with no additional charges or fees for doing so—it is our pleasure to serve. Emergency and express orders are handled with unparalleled haste and, aside from any additional shipping charges, your cost and per-gallon prices remain the same, no matter the volume and type of container you request. Small volumes may be overnighted to your attention, while larger volumes may be express-shipped over the road for delivery in one to two business days.

Blanket Purchase Orders are preferred, but we are ultimately flexible and will work with you closely to determine the most efficient and cost-effective methods of ordering and purchasing our manufacturer's chemicals. Flexible payment terms, efficient invoicing, a variety of packaging choices and a personal touch make ordering from ICC a cinch.


International Chemical Company is in the fortunate position of enjoying valuable relationships with a multitude of domestic and international freight carriers. It is our goal to determine the most efficient and cost-effective way to deliver our manufacturer's chemicals to your door. We sustain a comprehensive inventory of packaging choices to customize your orders in a way that suits your operations. Many of our customers maintain relationships with logistics companies and we are happy to work with them to make sure your orders are shipped and received in a timely manner.


For decades, ICC has maintained a reputation of providing the best lead times in the industry. ICC's manufacturer's chemicals may be blended, packaged and shipped in mere hours. By adhering to a strict set of guidelines regarding the procurement, quality control and inventory maintenance of raw materials, we are able to quickly manufacture our full line of metalworking compounds. All-encompassing quality control and quality assurance protocols are followed to the letter, with all actions logged and reviewed on a regular basis. We are constantly improving our operations to enhance our manufacturing practices. Efficiency, speed and exacting quality control are hallmarks of manufacturing at ICC.

Metalworking Chemistry for All Operations