International Chemical Company

Quality Control

Quality control is at the heart of everything we do. Consistent performance results are mandatory in manufacturing of all kinds. Small variations in the chemical make-up of our drawing and stamping oils and lubricants, machining and grinding coolants, vibratory and burnishing fluids, spray and immersion cleaners and rust inhibitors can dramatically reduce the performance and effectiveness of these formulations. We work extremely hard to ensure that our advanced manufacturer's chemicals perform at a high level and with consistent, reliable results.

It begins with a strict, overarching quality control protocol that is closely monitored and maintained by our Technical Director and laboratory staff. ICC's valuable reputation rests on the ultimate quality of the manufacturer's chemicals we produce. Leave one stone unturned or one job undone and our well-earned reputation for providing high-quality formulations can be destroyed overnight. We take great pride in the quality of our products, and it all starts the moment we receive raw materials from our valued suppliers.

During the all-important raw material qualification process, a Certificate of Analysis is required to accompany each and every sample. ICC's technical staff retains this vital C of A and uses it for comparative purposes when receiving future shipments. In addition, all raw material suppliers are required to provide a Certificate of Analysis for every lot of raw material upon shipment to our facilities. This process is audited on an ongoing basis. Upon arrival, samples are drawn directly from every raw material shipment to verify the accuracy of the C of A that is issued for each raw material. All Certificates of Analysis are retained in our extensive records in the event we need to research a particular batch. In fact, our laboratory has on file all relevant quality control information for every raw material received, as well as every batch of ICC's manufacturer's chemicals produced, since 1990.

All raw material suppliers are subjected to a demanding approval process to ensure that only creditable and reputable suppliers are relied upon for all our raw materials. We also seek at least two approved sources—preferably more—in the event a raw material supplier suffers a manufacturing or supply disruption. In those rare cases where only one raw material supplier is able to provide a particular chemical component, our manufacturing and technical staff keep a very watchful eye over our raw material inventory via an automated system to ensure we possess sufficient inventory on hand to guarantee uninterrupted production for at least three months.

ICC's exacting quality control protocol is designed and implemented by our Technical Director to absolutely guarantee that only the highest quality manufacturer's chemicals are shipped to our customers. Extremely narrow parameters are established for all tests denoted within the quality control protocol to safeguard the consistency of all raw materials and finished products. The ranges—that is, the allowable variances for a particular specification—are very close.

Whether you need straight or soluble drawing and stamping oils and lubricants, coolants for machining and grinding, vibratory and burnishing compounds, industrial spray and immersion cleaners, rust inhibitors, industrial defoamers and additives, or virtually any other metalworking fluids or compounds for industrial applications, the quality of our manufacturer's chemicals cannot be denied. We work extremely hard to guarantee it.