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At International Chemical Company (ICC) we recognize our solemn responsibilities regarding the safety and health of the natural environment, our customers, our employees and our local community, of which we have been a proud member for more than a century. As a socially responsible business, we are deeply committed to complying with all relevant environmental, health and safety legislation at local, regional, national and global levels. Our aim is to minimize adverse impacts on the natural environment and to protect the population without compromising the integrity of our products and services. An unwavering focus on environmental impact touches every aspect of our operations, every day. In order to maintain our steadfast commitment to our corporate environmental responsibilities, it is of utmost importance to continuously improve environmental performance through appropriate initiatives, controls, and the training of our employees, contractors and customers. We are committed to the following six practices:

  • Prevention of Pollution
  • Minimization of Hazardous/Dangerous Material Usage and Waste Production
  • Safe, Responsible and Effective Waste Management and Disposal
  • Promotion of the Reuse and Recycling of Manufactured Products
  • Heightened and Maintained Awareness of Environmental, Health and Safety Regulations Related to the Workforce and the Wider Community
  • Application and Review of Safety, Health and Environmental Objectives and Targets

We affirm these principles through our efforts to continuously improve all aspects of the manufacturing and logistical processes within our operations. ICC’s Management and Technical Teams are committed to maintaining an awareness of all environmental impacts and regulations; closely supervising the manufacturing environment; researching and developing chemical formulations which minimize or eliminate adverse environmental impacts; and perhaps most importantly, educating our customers via continual outreach and communication.

Due to our focus on environmental responsibility in business, we are proud to manufacture eco-friendly products:

Our never-ending commitment to environmental stewardship extends to all the services and products we provide our customers. The safety of the environment and the population that depends upon it continues to be a top priority for us, both now and into the future.

Environmental stewardship is yet another arena in which
ICC leads the way.

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