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118 Series of Rust Preventatives:

  • Highly Refined Safety Solvents
  • Select Additives
  • Produce Water-Displacing Film
  • Film is Fingerprint-Neutralizing
  • Thin & Colorless Residual Film
  • At Least 500 Hours Humidity Cabinet Performance
  • Minimum 6 Months of Rust Protection for Indoor Storage

ICC Anti-Rust 99:

  • 3000+ Humidity Cabinet Hours
  • 88 Hours Salt Spray Protection
  • Water-Displacing Formulation
  • Fingerprint-Suppressing Film
  • Dry-to-the-Touch Film
  • Low-Viscosity

ICC Anti-Rust 152:

  • Barium-Free Rust Inhibitor
  • Low Odor Safety Solvent
  • Water-Displacing Formulation
  • Thin, Dry-to-the-Touch Film
  • Extended Indoor Protection
  • Low-Viscosity


Rust Inhibitors and Corrosion and Oxidation Protection

International Chemical Company is at the technological vanguard of advanced, highly refined evaporative solvent chemistry formulated for high performance corrosion and oxidation protection.  For those manufacturing operations requiring a rust inhibitor that “vanishes”, so to speak, while providing the extended and efficient corrosion and oxidation performance expected in today’s demanding manufacturing operations, ICC’s evaporative solvents for rust inhibition and prevention are the solution you seek.

International Chemical Company manufactures premium evaporative solvents with low-viscosity, highly refined safety solvents and potent additives, resulting in rust inhibitors and preventatives that perform well within a variety of operations requiring corrosion and oxidation protection. Whether your timeframe is medium- to long-term indoor storage or transcontinental shipping requiring extreme salt spray performance, ICC’s evaporative solvent-based rust inhibitors are sure to exceed your requirements.  

Featured Evaporative Solvent Rust Preventatives:

The 118 Series of Rust Preventatives are formulated with highly refined safety solvents resulting in corrosion inhibitors that provide a minimum of six months of indoor oxidation protection for treated components under recommended usage conditions.  Humidity cabinet performance exceeds 500 hours—in many cases, exceeding 1,000 hours—according to the specifications outlined in the ASTM D 1748 standard.

The 118 Series of Rust Preventatives are chemically engineered to impart an effective water-displacing film on processed metal components.  The residual film is thin, virtually colorless and completely neutralizes fingerprints in all applications.

  • International Anti-Rust 118-A is the most powerful and highest performing rust inhibitor within the 118 Series of Rust Preventatives. It is a very low-viscosity evaporative solvent rust preventative that imparts a thin and colorless residual film which provides in excess of 1,700 hours of ASTM humidity cabinet corrosion and oxidation protection. For the purposes of medium- to long-term indoor storage in uncovered, climate-controlled conditions, rust protection is in excess of one year.
  • International Anti-Rust 118-H is chemically engineered with a safety solvent which evaporates more slowly, offering increased levels of safety. The thin, residual film is dry-to-the-touch, offers in excess of 1,000 hours of ASTM humidity cabinet oxidation protection and in excess of one year of indoor storage corrosion protection. The dry-to-the-touch film displaces water and neutralizes fingerprints.
  • International Anti-Rust 118-L is formulated with a safety solvent exhibiting a low evaporating rate, resulting in less loss from open tanks. AR 118-L imparts a thin but protective film on processed components, providing a minimum of six months of rust protection for parts stored in open, climate-controlled conditions. It provides in excess of 500 hours of ASTM humidity cabinet performance.

International Anti-Rust 99 is a solvent-based, water-displacing rust preventative engineered to deposit a dry-to-the-touch film on cleaned metal surfaces.  AR 99 is formulated with low-viscosity components to aid penetration and provide free drainage following applications.  The water-displacing, dry-to-the-touch residual film suppresses fingerprint corrosion and oxidation of aluminum.  AR 99 provides excellent long-term corrosion and oxidation performance in acid fume and salt spray environments.

International Anti-Rust 152 is a barium-free rust inhibitor, formulated to impart a thin, dry-to-the-touch film on cleaned metal components.  The low-viscosity, low-odor safety solvent evaporates relatively slowly, helping to promote a much safer work environment.  AR 152 rapidly displaces water and provides extended indoor corrosion and oxidation protection.  It makes an ideal choice for packaged metal components.      

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International Anti-Rust 152
Barium-Free Solvent-Based Rust Preventative

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