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Blue Line
  • Technologically-Advanced Formulas
  • Acidic and Highly Concentrated
  • Wide Temperature Range
  • Unsurpassed Finish Quality
  • Superior Rust and Corrosion Protection for Processed Parts
  • 100% Biodegradable
  • No Regulated Heavy Metals
  • Easy-to-Use Water-Soluble Liquids

Metal Coatings & Conversion Coatings

Metal Coatings & Conversion Coatings

International Chemical Company partners with trusted suppliers to engineer and manufacture specialized industrial metal coatings and conversion coatings for the metalworking, metal-forming and metal finishing industries. Working in concert with our spray and immersion alkaline cleaners, these highly effective metalworking fluids offer superior economy and performance for processed ferrous parts. Formulated with technologically-advanced chemical components, these fluids deliver unsurpassed capabilities. Detergent phosphate coatings provide excellent corrosion resistance and protection. Advanced, non-phosphate liquid conversion coatings are engineered for superior surface finishes providing for exceptional paint adhesion and part quality.

Featured Metal and Conversion Coatings:

The 2200 Series of Phosphate Metal Coatings:

  • International Compound 2273 is a robust, water-soluble and biodegradable blend of buffered phosphates, non-heavy metal coating accelerators and water conditioners in combination with relatively high levels of low-foaming detergents.  It is engineered to provide an iridescent coating on ferrous components, thereby improving paint adhesion and corrosion resistance for carbon steel, aluminum, zinc and galvanized surfaces.  The liquid formula is pH balanced so that little or no pH adjustment is required during operational periods.  It is engineered specifically for use within heated, multi-stage, re-circulating industrial spray phosphatizing systems.  ICC 2273 meets or exceeds the TTC-490D, Type II U.S. military specification by providing an iron phosphate coating in the range of 35-80 mgs/ft2.
  • International Compound 2273-XLT is virtually identical to ICC 2273, but this alternate version differs in one very important way: it is highly effective at ambient temperature. ICC 2273-XLT provides an economic benefit to spray phosphatizing systems by significantly reducing operating temperatures, thereby minimizing energy consumption and lowering operating costs. It delivers the same corrosion resistance and protection as the original formula.

The 2200 Series of Non-Phosphate Conversion Coatings:

  • International Compound 2287 is a 100% biodegradable, mildly-acidic final rinse agent engineered to provide a sealing action on metal surfaces prior to wet painting and powder coating. It seeks out and fills voids in primary phosphate coatings (if utilized) or scratches in bare metal surfaces. ICC 2287 provides improved paint adhesion and corrosion resistance to the applied paint finish. It contains neither regulated heavy metals nor phosphates and is acceptable for most waste treatment facilities. ICC 2287 is recommended for use with carbon steel, aluminum and zinc components in power spray and immersion equipment.
  • International Compound 2287-P is nearly identical to ICC 2287. However, this alternative version is formulated with additional surfactant content, thereby increasing the sheeting rate of the liquid during processing. ICC 2287-P is more suited to operations where reduced exposure time is a process requirement.

Featured Detergent Booster for Metal and Conversion Coatings:

The 2200 Detergent Booster for Metal Coatings and Conversion Coatings:

  • International Compound 2295 is a highly concentrated liquid engineered for use as a sump-side additive to conventional alkaline and acidic cleaners as well as industrial phosphate and non-phosphate conversion coatings in multi-stage, aqueous spray cleaning equipment. ICC 2295 provides increased detergency and is extremely effective over a wide temperature range. It quickly penetrates the most difficult and stubborn soils with ease and allows for simple and incremental adjustments as soil loads increase in the bath.

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International Compound 2287
Biodegradable Non-Phosphate Conversion Coating

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